Part I Prepare for a new website

A. Choose Joomla or Wordpress

1. Joomla preferred in most circumstances - more future-proof and capable of growing in many different directions.

2. Wordpress preferred if primary purpose of your website is to share information that is updated on a regular basis - blog posts, news reporting, market updates etc. Also a bit more user-friendly on the back end, in case you are particularly techno-phobic.

3. In either case, work with PP to select a template to provide your site with a look and feel suited to your needs.

B. Decide who is doing what

1. Do you want to add content to your website or have Pitchwife Productions (PP) do it for you?

2. Are you content with stock logo(s) or would you like PP to design customized images?

3. Do you have photos you'd like added? If not, would you like PP to source photographs for your site's use?

C. Determine hosting needs

1. Do you have web hosting already? Are you content with that situation?

2. Do you have your domain name registered? Are you content with that situation?

3. For either portion, determine if PP will get your current circumstances under control for you or if you want new hosting/registration through PP.

Part II Getting the new site up and running

A. Organize hosting/registration

1. PP needs access to web hosting, wherever it is

2. Confirm domain name is pointing to the correct location

B. Install content management system (CMS)

1. Stock version of software is uploaded and configured

2. Template chosen earlier is installed and configured.

3. PP removes extraneous modules & plugins, adds a menu tree at your direction (headings, categories, etc.)

Part III (optional) Content services from PP

A. logos

B. content pages